The Latest Angus Veg-Tanned Grey 1.8-2.4+mm

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◆THICKNESS:About 1.8/2.4+mm
◆SIZE:About 18~25 sq. ft.
◆USAGE:Used by crafters looking to stamp, mold, dye, finish and customize their leather for leather goods, accessories, and much more.

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Angus Veg-Tanned Grey 1.8-2.4+mm

可磨光皮革 可刻雕皮革
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    Unit Price NT$140/SF

Angus Veg-Tanned

Angus Veg-Tanned Natural SIDE 1.8-2.4+mm
Angus Veg-Tanned Yellow Side 1.8-2.4+mm
Angus Veg-Tanned Taupe 1.8-2.4+mm
Angus Veg-Tanned Tan Side 1.8-2.4+mm
Angus Veg-Tanned Dk. Tan Side 1.8-2.4+mm
Angus Veg-Tanned Crimson Side 1.8-2.4+mm
Angus Veg-Tanned  Red Side 1.8-2.4+mm
Angus Veg-Tanned Rosso Side 1.8-2.4+mm
Angus Veg-Tanned Arancio Side 1.8-2.4+mm
Angus Veg-Tanned Rosa Side 1.8-2.4+mm
Angus Veg-Tanned Fuxia 1.8-2.4+mm
Angus Veg-Tanned Forest Green 1.8-2.4+mm
Angus Veg-Tanned Prato 1.8-2.4+mm
Angus Veg-Tanned Olive 1.8-2.4+mm
Angus Veg-Tanned Celeste 1.8-2.4+mm
Angus Veg-Tanned Acqua 1.8-2.4+mm
Angus Veg-Tanned Navy 1.8-2.4+mm
Angus Veg-Tanned Cononiale 1.8-2.4+mm
Angus Veg-Tanned  Black Side 1.8-2.4+mm
Angus Veg-Tanned Grey 1.8-2.4+mm

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