Leather is separated into different parts and thicknesses. Each part and thickness is more suited to a given type of DIY product.  
The color of natural leather ages beautifully because of daily usage and being sun tanned. It is common that leather possesses insect bites, scars, wrinkles and holes because of unavoidable injury during the lifetime of a cow. Also, there are so many factors affecting the value of leather, such as place of origin, tanning process species and age of a cow. Therefore, it would be wiser to choose appropriate kind of leather that matches your need carefully to make the best of your works.
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Yuka Veg-tanned Natural C SIDE 2.0/2.4mm

 ◆COLOR:Natural◆PART:SIDE,Selling As Whole Piece◆THICKNESS:About 2.0/2.4mm◆SIZE:About 20~25 sq. f..

NT$ 1,900

York Veg-Tanned Natural SIDE 2.0-2.4+mm

 ◆COLOR:Natural◆PART:SIDE,Selling As Whole Piece◆THICKNESS:About 2.0/2.4+mm◆SIZE:About 20~25 sq. ..

NT$ 2,360

Glossy leather dark green SIDE 1.3/1.4mm

 ◆COLOR: Green◆PART: SIDE, Selling As the whole piece◆THICKNESS: About 1.3/1.4mm◆SIZE: About 16~1..

NT$ 1,870 NT$ 1,520

Glossy leather Indigo SIDE 1.3/1.4mm

 ◆COLOR:Blue◆PART:SIDE,Selling As the Whole Piece◆THICKNESS:About 1.3/1.4mm◆SIZE:About 16~18 sq. ..

NT$ 1,870 NT$ 1,520

Buono Belly Veg-Tanned Natural 1.6-2.0+mm

 ◆COLOR:Natural◆PART:BELLY,Selling As Whole Piece◆THICKNESS:1.6-2.0+mm◆SIZE:About 8~10 sq. ft. ◆..

NT$ 990 NT$ 890

Mila smooth square scalp dark green SQ/S 1.8/2.0mm

 ◆COLOR: Green◆PART: SQ/S, Selling As Whole Piece◆THICKNESS: About 1.8/2.0mm◆SIZE: About 14~18 sq..

NT$ 2,720

Mila vegetable tanned square scalp Indigo SQ/S 1.8/2.0mm

 ◆COLOR:Blue◆PART:SQ/S,Selling As Whole Piece◆THICKNESS:About 1.8/2.0mm◆SIZE:About 14~18 sq. ft.◆..

NT$ 2,720

South American Leather piece Grade-B (2.4-2.8mm)

 ◆COLOR:Natural◆SIZE:15x25cm◆THICKNESS:2.4-2.8mm◆USAGE:suitable for making small item,able to carve, dye,..

NT$ 110

European Leather piece Grade-A

 ◆COLOR:Natural◆SIZE:15x25cm ◆THICKNESS:About 2.0-2.5mm◆USAGE:suitable for making small leather good..

NT$ 170

European Leather piece Grade-B

 ◆COLOR:Natural◆SIZE:15x25cm◆THICKNESS:About 2.0-2.5mm◆USAGE:suitable for making small leather goods。Ot..

NT$ 160

European Leather piece Grade-A

 ◆COLOR:Natural◆SIZE:21x29cm ◆THICKNESS:About 2.0-2.5mm◆USAGE:suitable for making small leather good..

NT$ 270

European Leather piece Grade-B

 ◆COLOR:Natural◆SIZE:21x29cm◆THICKNESS:About 2.0-2.5mm◆USAGE:European imports,suitable for making small l..

NT$ 250