●Tool Set

●Tool Set
Our leather craft tool kits are suitable for beginners and professionals alike. Start with the best of the basics and visit often to add to your collection.

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Deluxe Leather Craft Tools and DIY Kit Set

 ◆Contents: Rubber Board(M) / Wooden Mallet / Polishing Wax / INDIAN Back Side Finish / Sewing Needle(2pcs) ..

NT$ 3,000

Basic Leather Craft Tool Set

 ◆Contents: Rubber Board(S) / Wooden Mallet / Sewing Needle(2pcs) / Ramie Thread(medium, white) / Sewing Wax..

NT$ 1,900 NT$ 1,500

INDIAN Leather Craft Beginner Set

 ◆Content: INDIAN 4mm Diamond Hole Chisel 2 Prongs(1) INDIAN 4mm Diamond Hole Chisel 4 Prongs(1) ..

NT$ 1,050 NT$ 799