Tool Sets

Tool Sets

Includes necessary tools, finishing compounds, dyes, and book to get you started with leather crafting.


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INDIAN Hand Sewing Set C

 ◆Content:17 colors water based dyes 100ml1 leather coat 100mlOther specificationProduct im..

NT$ 999

INDIAN Hand Sewing Set C

 ◆Content:17 colors wax based dyes 100g1 leather coat 100mlOther specificationProduct image..

NT$ 1,299

Deluxe Leather Craft Tools and DIY Kit Set

 ◆Contents: Rubber Board(M) / Wooden Mallet / Polishing Wax / INDIAN Back Side Finish / Sewing Needle(2pcs) ..

NT$ 3,000

Basic Leather Craft Tool B Set

 ◆Contents: Rubber Board(S) / Wooden Mallet / Sewing Needle(2pcs) / Ramie Thread(medium, white) / Sewing Wax..

NT$ 2,160 NT$ 1,600

INDIAN Hand Sewing Set C

 ◆Content: INDIAN 4mm Diamond Hole Chisel 1 Prongs(1) INDIAN 4mm Diamond Hole Chisel 6 Prongs(1) S..

NT$ 900 NT$ 649

Basic Leather Carving Tool and Dye Set

 ◆Contents: Rubber Board(S) / Wooden Mallet(2") / INDIAN-Leather Fix INDIAN-Premetallized Dye-[Yellow/Red/Bl..

NT$ 1,700

Deluxe Leather Craft Tool Set

 ◆Contents: Wooden Mallet / Wooden Mallet (2") / INDIAN Oil-Based Dye-Brown INDIAN Premetallized Dye-[Yellow..

NT$ 2,700