Shopping Guide

【1. Select Product】
Please select the product you need, add the quantity, then click “Add to cart”.

【2. Checkout】
Please confirm the needed products, click “Checkout” at the upper right corner of the web page.

【3. Shipping information】
Confirm whether shipping, payment methods and products are correct.

【4. Confirm order】
Assure that shipping, payment methods and products are correct. Be sure to write the recipient information correctly then click “Confirm”.

【5. Finishing Order】
After sending order successfully, we will send a confirmation mail to your E-mail account.

Our customer service will make a confirmation phone call to you as well.
After the products are ready, our customer service will contact you to proceed to the payment.

Shipment will be delivered after payment in approximatively 7 workdays.

After receiving your shipment please keep the receipt for return or exchange condition.

※Delivery packaging are decided by our store standard. Delivery time are set according to the shipping method of the chosen delivery service.